Gays and Uganda: Unitarian Universalist Minister Mark Kiyimba of Kampala on the Persecution of LGBTQ

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Submitted By: UUTV on February 09, 2012
About the Video: The Rev. Mark Kiyimba preached at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington, VA on Sunday January 15, 2012. Kiyimba shared how he came to pastor to the needs of those facing discrimination and danger because of their Gay, Lesbian, Bi- and Trans-gender identities, as well as poor children, especially those affected by HIV/AIDS. Rev. Kiyimba runs a school and orphanage near Masaka, and is a leader in the campaign for BGLT rights in Uganda. After participating in an interfaith conference on international DECRIMINALIZATION of homosexuality at Union Theological Seminary in New York (see Compass to Compassion and St. Paul's Foundation), and speaking throughout the US, Rev. Kiyimba returns to Uganda. Unitarian Universalists honor Rev. Kiyimba's courage to to Stand on the Side of Love in the face of great personal risk.
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